Their aim is to fight human trafficking in Nepal through employment opportunities. All their products are made ethically by those who have overcome.  They dream to expand from one sewing center to several to provide more jobs. The waiting list is between 300-500 women who desire to work for Elegantees. Each purchase gets them closer to that!

Designs are ethically made by women (and some men too) who are paid fair wages. Fabric is sustainable using organic cotton in new fabrics they dye. They also source from dead stock fabric for non-organic blends.

Elegantees started as a New York fashion brand with intent to give profits to fight human trafficking.  They weren't planning to work in Nepal until they met a freedom-fighter with a vision to eliminate trafficking in Nepal through tackling poverty.  Opening a sewing center is a way to give rescued women meaningful work with a fair wage.  It was the missing piece to their brand - the restoration!  They leaped into it with faith, overcame challenges working in an undeveloped nation, and today they have 18 women (and counting) sewing full time.  Each time they hire another, an entire family is significantly more protected from the risk of being trafficked. 

Are their sewers paid fairly?   They wouldn't be doing this unless they were.  Each sewer earns between 2-3x minimum wage in Nepal.  This is a livable wage in Nepal.  They work 6 days per week (this is normal in Nepal), and they each get paid time off.


Credit: elegantees.com

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