The BYTAVI line is produced under fair trade trade principles by a team of talented seamstresses in Cambodia where poverty is widespread. They believe in quality over quantity and handmade over mass produced. The fabric is hand selected, the pattern is cut and given to a BYTAVI seamstress to bring to completion. Her hands are in the process from first stitch to proudly signing her name on the tag of the finished product.

The production process is not hurried or pressured. It is fair. Each seamstress receives a fair wage at the end of the week. It is safe.

Each staff member and seamstress is valued as a person as they maintain a safe and holistic work environment. Their purpose is to connect capable women with their self-worth.  A BYTAVI seamstress is full of pride knowing you choose to invest in her work.

And you? You are empowered to shop differently by investing in quality-- quality of life and a handmade product.



Their workshop is open Monday - Friday. They encourage a healthy/work life balance by closing on weekends and honoring holidays and maternity leave.


They provide lunch in the workshop. A few BYTAVI staff members cook the meal together, and all of the women enjoy sharing a meal together each day.


They purchase remnant fabric to create their line. This means each piece is one-of-a-kind as materials are limited.



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