Tips for Attending a Clothing Swap

As Fade Market gets ready for our first ever clothing swap, we wanted to make sure you have all the info you need to attend our event and have the best experience possible. 

Let's start by defining a clothing swap.

A clothing swap is a group of people getting together to exchange clothes that they no longer wear for clothes from someone else's closet. Clothing swaps are a really great way  to extend the lifespan of clothing by keeping it in circulation a little bit longer. It also can satisfy that need to buy something new if you don't really need to buy something new. This is a great way to add some new pieces to your closet without consuming and spending money. 

Clothing swaps are also a great way to make sure your clothes are going to a new home where they will be taken care of and worn. Selling our used clothing online can be time consuming and we think donating is best, but that's not always the case. When we donate clothing, only a small percent is actually being given or sold to someone. Most of it just becomes a burden for other countries when it becomes part of the global trade in secondhand clothes. 

So here are some tips to get you started with our clothing swap

1. Register so we know you are coming! 

You'll find a place to register and buy a $5 ticket at We ask that you buy a ticket so we know how many people to expect and your $5 will be 100% donated to a charity. Find more details on our facebook event page. 

2. Clean out your closet!

A great place to start is by cleaning out your closet to remove those unwanted pieces and see what you might be missing in your closet. You can use our guide The Closet Cleanout Guide  to get started. Make a pile of items to swap and don't forget to also make a list of items you might want to look for at the swap. 

3. Choose 2-20 unwanted items in good condition to bring to the swap.

Your clothing items should all be in good condition. Anything stained, ripped, or damaged in anyway should not be brought to a clothing swap. Bring at least 2 items, but no more than 20. We will also be collecting donations as well. If you have clothing items to donate, please bring those in separate bags and we'll collect those to be donated after the event to a local women's shelter. 

4. Setup your items and then take time to browse. 

When you arrive neatly set up your items on the available clothing racks and tables and then take a look around. This is a great time to talk to others and ask them about the pieces they brought to the swap. Show them the pieces you brought and why. Have fun browsing the racks and looking for that next great item to add to your closet. 

5. Have fun and let go of those old items. 

You may not walk away with as many items as you brought to the swap and that's ok! Maybe you bring 20 and leave with 2 new pieces. The goal is to give your old pieces a new home and to find new pieces for yourself that you love and want to make a part of your newly cleaned out closet.