The Denim Guide

What women doesn't reach for her denim jeans at least once a week. We love our denim. It's versatile and can be one of the best pieces in our closet when they fit well and make us feel great. So we're sharing everything we can in our denim guide to help you find the perfect pair so that you'll want to pull them out of the closet and wear them everyday. 

Denim Rises

Let start by choosing a rise. What is a rise? This is the distance from mid-crotch to the top of the waistband. There are 3 denim rises. 

Low Rise - typically 2-3 inches below the navel, great if you have a shorter torso and/or longer legs and you want more balanced proportions

Mid Rise - also called a regular rise, rests right below navel, universally flattering on all shapes and works with almost all tops,

High Risesitting at or above naval, great way to elongate your legs, works well with more cropped tops or tucked in tops

*Most of the denim here at Fade Market has a 10-10.5" high mid rise which is a flattering high rise that hits just above the belly button. 



Denim Fits 

You've decided which rise would be best so let's look at at the different fits now. Fits are a great way to show your unique style and there's never a right or wrong answer here. Go with what makes you feel the best! 

Skinny Jeans are jeans that are the slimmest at your ankle and usually have some stretch to them. Everyone looks great in these and they are universally flattering. A loose oversized top works best to balance out the jeans, or go for a fitted top and create a streamlined look. 

Straight-Leg Jeans are the more comfy and laid back version of the skinny jean. If you're wanting to move away from the skinny jean this is a great place to start.  Wear everything from a blazer and mules to a tee and sneakers with this fit. 


Boyfriend Jeans are more relaxed and usually a bit slouchier than a straight leg jean. Usually low to mid rise with a cuffed hem. Jeans that have a looser fit like these pair well with more fitted tops.  

Bootcut Jeans have a subtle flare to them and look great with booties. Most tops look great with these jeans. 

Flares can give you a little bit of that boho style. The bigger the bottom, the bigger the statement you can make in these. Make sure you get the right inseam in these. You’ll want something that grazes the floor and doesn’t’ overwhelm your frame especially if you're petite. Look for the right inseam, choose the right heel and then focus on proportion. Either wear the flowy oversized top for a ‘70s vibe, or go with a fitted top and a belt to show off your waist.

Wide-Leg Jeans are like the flares. The wider they are the bigger the statement. Tuck in your top or wear a cropped top. Add heels to lengthen your legs. You'll be comfy and stylish in this fit. 


Denim Washes

Once again there's no right or wrong answer here when it comes to washes—it’s all about your personal preferences. Usually the darker washes are best for a dressier look, and lighter washes are great for more casual vibes, but it's up to you! 

Light - The light wash denim usually has more casual vibes and is great  in the spring and summer or on the weekends. 

Medium - This is always a classic wash and will go with anything. If you're doing a denim on denim look go for this wash. 

Dark - The most versatile and universally appealing to all shapes and sizes.  We always recommend looking for dark washes to add to your wardrobe. 

Black or Grey - Always a great wash to have in your wardrobe. Elevate a basic tee and jeans look when you wear black or grey denim. 

Fabric Blends 

Not all denim is created equally. Blending different fibers into cotton affects everything about your jeans from the lifespan and durability to how comfy they will be. Here's what you want in your denim. 

Spandex - also known as elastane or lycra, this material is what gives you a comfy fit and allows you to be able to move in your jeans. Most of the denim here at Fade Market has just the right amount of stretch with 2% spandex in our denim. 

Polyester - this synthetic is strong, wrinkle resistant and recovers well. When it is blended with cotton and spandex you'll get denim that's durable but also soft against your skin. Most of our denim here at Fade Market has about 5% polyester. 

You want jeans with the perfect blend of spandex, polyester, and cotton. This is what will create jeans with just the right amount of give that will spring back into shape and recover after wearing them all day. 


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