The Closet Cleanout Guide

When you open up your closet do you find a wide range of styles and sizes that seem like they could belong to different women? Fashion trends come and go as our bodies and lifestyles go through major changes and we don't always update our closets to fit our new body and new lifestyle. Do you open up your closet and realize your clothes just don't work for you anymore? Do you end up with decision fatigue every time you get dressed? Are you frustrated after multiple outfit changes and half of your clothes end up in a pile on the floor? Do your clothes not fit right and not fit your current lifestyle? If that's where you are then it's time for a change and the new year is the perfect time to start! It's time to simplify your closet so you can easily get dressed in less time without the decision fatigue. It's time to enjoy getting dressed and feel good about the clothes you put on each day. Follow along  as we reveal our steps to simplify your clothes and create a closet you love.
Are you ready to declutter your closet? First set your intentions for your new closet. How do you want to feel when you open your closet and see your clothes each morning? Do you want clothing that fits, flatters, and makes sense for your current lifestyle? Do you want to get ready faster with less decision making?
To create that intention in your closet you need to ask yourself these 4 questions. If it's not a yes, don't keep it!
1. Do I love it? If you don't love it, don't keep it. You're not going to be happy wearing that piece if it's just an ok piece. Love it or get rid of it!
2. Do I wear it? If it's been sitting in your closet for a year untouched or still has the tags on it then you're not going to wear it. Get rid of it!
3. Is it still in good condition? Recycle or toss anything ripped, broken, stained... There's no reason to keep those items.
4. Do I like the way I look and feel in this? If you're constantly pulling, tugging,re-adjusting it, don't keep it. If you don't feel your best in it, get rid of it.
Now before you start pulling everything out of your closet for cleanout, stop and make a plan! Grab some empty garbage bags, baskets & boxes to create 4 categories. Donate, Recycle/Toss, Sell, and Keep
1. Donate items that are in decent condition to charities or shelters. Don't let these items sit too long in your house. Create a deadline and get them out of your house quickly. As soon as a box fills us, take it to Goodwill or a women's shelter. Never let the boxes sit around too long. You don't want clutter to build up in your house.
2. Recycle or Toss clothes that are too trashed to be reworn. Find a textile recycling drop off in your area or some companies offer textile recycling drop offs in their stores.
3. Sell your gently used pieces by sending them to online consignment services like ThredUp or you can sell yourself on sites like Poshmark. Just don't expect to get much for your pieces and it can be time consuming. This pile is optional. You can always just donate. Decide if selling is worth your time. Like above, set a deadline, If the items don't sell after a few weeks, get rid of them! You might feel better just donating and getting the stuff out of your house. Trying to get your money back and worried you're throwing away the money you spent on those clothes? You honestly already threw the money away when you bought the clothes. They're not doing you any good now just sitting in your closet untouched. Time to move on and create a more intentional closet.
So what's your plan for your items?
Closet Cleanout Tip: Don't pull everything out at once. As you're going through your closet, work in stages. Start with the easier things like a dresser drawer full of T-shirts or socks. Then move onto the harder items. Keep more sentimental items for last. As you work your way through your clothing items, it will get easier and you'll gain more motivation as you see yourself making progress.
After all that purging you should only have the best pieces left in your closet! Every piece in front of you should be something that you love, looks great and fits great!

1. Put like items with like items. Think about the different types of outfits you wear. Do you have clothes for work, clothes for working out, clothes for lounging around the house.

2. Decide what works best for you. You may need a drawer for workout clothes or a space in the closet for work clothes. I keep my casual clothes in my dresser and my dressier clothes in the closet.

3. Organize by type, by color, by sleeve length. Do what makes sense for you. For example my closet is where I keep dressier items organized by sleeve length and then color - sleeveless tops, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, layering pieces, dresses. My jeans are stacked on the top shelf with my bags and my shoes are on a rack sitting on the closet floor. Casual clothes are in my dresser drawers organized with tops in one drawer and bottoms and seasonal items in the next drawer. Jackets and coats are in my hallway closet with shoes I wear the most often.

More Closet Cleanout Tips! You spent all that time decluttering and organizing your clothing. Now add your own personal touches to your closet. The more you take pride in your closet, the more you'll maintain it and the happier it will make you feel when you get dressed each day!

Tip 1: Give hangers an upgrade Pull out all those mismatched random hangers and create a uniform look with ones that are all the same - wood, velvet, metal You decide! This will make such a difference in how your closet looks.

Tip 2: Add a special touch. If you have the space, add pretty hooks for your bags and place your accessories in cute baskets.

Tip 3: Put jewelry on display. Keep jewelry on display where you have easy access to it so you can quickly add a pair of earrings or necklace to your outfit before you head out the door.
This is all about maintaining your closet after you do your cleanout. Here are some tips for maintaining it.

1. Be consistent. Try to do a maintenance declutter of your clothing at least once a season and ask yourself the same questions each time. Do I still love this? Do I wear this? Does it fit? Pay attention to when a drawer or area of your closet is starting to look a little full. Set aside a few minutes to go through that area when it starts looking too full. Only keep what will fit in the space you have. If it doesn't fit then something needs to go.

2. Edit as your life changes. Along with routine maintenance you should reassess your closet during changes such as a new job, weight loss or gain, new baby, moving...

3. Shop strategically. Shop for the life you have now. Do you have little ones running around, then maybe you don't have time for dry clean only labels. Maybe you don't have a lot of time to iron so you look for fabrics that don't wrinkle easily. Do you need effortless tops that you can just throw on and go. Maybe you need your closet to consist of comfy stretchy clothing that can be easily washed. So dress and shop for the life you have and you'll be happier with your closet.
Closet Cleanout Tip: Curate a closet you love. Getting yourself up and dressed each day is such an empowering start to your day. It gives you the motivation to get your day started in a positive way. When you look better, you'll feel better and you'll have a more productive and intentional day.

Maintaining your closet and dressing your best each day is a great form of self care. As you maintain your closet you'll also be able to start to curate it as well. Without all those extra clothes getting in the way you'll begin to see what you have and notice what you love.

Are there certain colors, styles, fabrics that you always reach for? Take note of that.

This will make shopping easier in the future and you'll be able to buy pieces that coordinate with what you already own.

You'll start to discover your style and be able to curate a closet you love.