Self Care Sunday Guide

Do you want to start your week out right? Do you want to have a plan and be ready to go before Monday arrives? It all starts with your Sunday. So let's take a look at the Self Care Sunday Guide and how we can start off our week on the right foot. 

*Self Care Sunday doesn't have to happen on Sundays, but for most people Monday is the start of the week so Sunday makes the most sense. Self Care Sunday can be any day that makes sense for you. You do what works best for you, your family and your schedule.  Let's get started.


What is Self Care Sunday?

So what is Self Care Sunday? The word self care is such an overused word that's thrown around on social media, but it's more than just bubble baths and candles.  Self Care Sunday is about taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Recharging your battery or filling your cup so you are ready to take on your week as your best self.

Why Do You Need A Self-Care Sunday?

Do you start your week off feeling like you're already behind? Do you end your week feeling overwhelmed and asking yourself "What did I even do this week?" Having routines and rhythms in place at the beginning of your week will help you get a head start. You'll be able to plan ahead, create new habits, and better prioritize things that need done during the week. You'll overall just feel better and less stressed when you start your week off this way. Let’s look at some Self Care Sunday ideas you can start adding to your Sundays. 

*You don't have to do all of these all at once. Don't overwhelm yourself and think you need to do all of these perfectly all at once. Add in one new idea each week.

1. Wake up slowly

Wake up slowly especially if you have busy mornings during the week where you're on the go the moment you wake up. Use this early morning quiet time to clear your mind and refocus on goals before your week starts. 

2. Enjoy a HOT beverage

During the week, are your mornings usually so rushed that you don't have a chance to enjoy your coffee while it's still hot? This is the perfect to sit, relax and actually enjoy your coffee or whatever your choice of beverage is in the morning. 

3. Indulge in breakfast 

Are you likely to grab a cereal bar on your way out the door or just skip breakfast during the week? Take the time to sit down and enjoy a full breakfast on Sunday mornings. Get up, stay in comfy pjs and make (or order) a full breakfast. 

4. Invest in a comfy lounge set 

Start the day off with a cozy comfy feeling and try to wear something that you feel great in on your Self Care Sunday. Invest in some loungewear sets so you can look and feel great as you get ready for your week. 

5. Take a bath 

Stock up on your favorite bath salts and facial clay masks to help you relax and unwind because you deserve it! Pamper yourself a little at home before the start of the week. 

6. Do something you love

On Sundays do yourself a favor and spend a little time doing something you love. Taking time to do something just for yourself will renew you and recharge your batteries. Some things you could do include taking a walk, listening to music, journaling, meditation, reading, yoga, listening to a podcast...

7. Meal planning 

Not only will meal planning help you get set for the week and eliminate the decision fatigue of "What's for dinner?" every night, but it could also save you money so you're not making those last minute dining out and takeout plans. 

8. Move your body. 

If you didn't do this already as something you love, do it now. Roll out that yoga mat and stretch your body, go for a walk or do anything that stretches and moves your body a little before your week starts. 

9. Meditate 

Set your intentions and get in the right mindset for the week with meditation. You could use an app to follow a guided meditation or just find a quiet space to clear your mind for a few minutes. Do what works best for you. 

 10. Journal your thoughts 

Grab your notebook and a pen to journal it out. Take a minute to write about anything that comes to mind and get all your thoughts and feelings out on paper.

 11. Set your space for the week 

Do whatever you need to do to set your space for the week. This could be cleaning up the house and put everything back in its place. Finishing laundry and picking out outfits for the week. Having a family meeting to discuss the upcoming appointments and plans... It always feels good to start off the week with a clean slate. It's like a reset before the week starts.

12. Go to bed early. 

Lastly, go to bed early. You don't want to start out your week feeling tired and behind. So turn off the TV, put the phone away and head to bed a little early.