How to Wear your Summer Denim

Denim is always the ultimate summer go-to look, so here are some ways to wear your favorite denim all summer long. 

1. Boho Vibe

Channel your boho spirit and beachy vibe with a flowy kimono in tie dye or any fun prints. Kimonos can also act as lightweight layer, which comes in handy when it cools down in the evening.

Style Tip: Keep it on trend with a monochromatic top and bottom. 

2. Bold Stripes 

Get the energy you want this summer with a bold stripe tee and you'll instantly give your favorite denim that summer time look and feel. 

Style Tip: Add a little cuff to your denim for an added touch of style. 

3. Classic Style 

Denim with a lightweight swing tank can show off your classic style while staying cute and stylish. Look for tanks that are flowy and offer a shape you can wear all summer long.

Style Tip: Keep it classic head to toe with a pair of canvas sneaks. 

4. Balanced Look 

Keep it balanced. Balance the destructed look of your denim with a more feminine top. Try pairing flowy light tops that have details like florals, ruffles, or embroidery with your destructed denim. 

 Style Tip: Look for feminine details everywhere - in the sleeves, trim, straps cutouts and prints. 

5. All About Details

Be detail oriented this summer! The textures, the stripes, the ruffles, the pleats, all the details will elevate your denim look this season.  

Style Tip: To give your denim outfit even more style try adding a textured headband. 

How will you wear your denim this summer?