How To Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmations is the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment and affirmation cards are carefully thought out statements that can be kept for one’s self or given to a friend in need. Not sure how to use your cards? Here are some ideas to get you started. 


1. Draw a card each day.

Keep your cards by your bed and read a card every morning or every night. You could also leave your cards in your car or put them in your tote bag so you always read one each day. You could even leave them beside your coffee pot and read one every morning while you wait for your coffee. 


2. Meditation mantra

Pick a card to be your mantra as you meditate. Repeat the affirmation as you breathe in and out. 


3. Add to your vision board

Decorate your vision board with your favorite affirmation cards. Place your board somewhere where you'll see it every day so you can read and say your affirmations daily. 


4. Journal it out

Grab your journal and use your affirmation cards to help you with your self development. What card will help you the most with the thing you want to work on in your life. Journal out all the thoughts and feelings that come up when you read that card. 


5. Gift your friend a card

Is there a card that could really help out a friend right now. Write a note on the back of it and send it their way. Spread the love and encouragement. 


6. Give cards away with gift cards

Want to put some positive vibes out into the world. Attach a $5 gift card to the back of the card and leave them on a store shelf near the baby formula for a new mom or give to a stranger that might be having a bad day. 


How will you use your affirmation cards? 


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