Better Fashion Habits We Can Make Now

Earth Day is only once a year, but the decisions we make in our daily lives affect the earth all year long. How we act as consumers has a huge impact on the earth and the environment. To celebrate Earth Day, we're sharing our top fashion habits we can implement right now to help take care of the earth, improve our consumption of fashion and create a more consciously curated closet.


1. Educate Yourself. 

The first step in creating better fashion habits is to educate yourself. Where is your clothing being made, who's making your clothing, what is your clothing made of? If a brand is using and making products with responsible sustainable materials and creating ethically made products in safe work environments they will be up front about it. You should be able to find this information clearly stated on the about page of their website. If they're not being very clear about their practices then they are probably not the best place to make a purchase. 

2. Quality not Quantity  

Not only are you lowering your negative impact on the Earth when you buy less, but you are also creating a more curated closet and eliminating some decision fatigue when getting dressed. Look for quality in the pieces you purchase. Make sure you really love something before you make that purchase and make sure it's something that you will wear again and again. 

3.  Shop Sustainable Brands

As you educate yourself, you'll discover the brands that are committed to eco-friendly practices. When you shop, be sure to prioritize these brands first. But beware green-washing. Green washing is when a brand presents themselves as an environmentally responsible brand to the public, but they really aren't. You want to look for the brands that are environmentally responsible through the entire production of an item from start to finish. Once again, if a brand is environmentally responsible they will be very transparent about this with the public. 

4. Shop Secondhand 

A really great way to lower your impact is to buy secondhand. This is a great way to save some money, help protect the Earth and you'll find some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe. Doing this also extends the life cycle of a piece of clothing. Instead of going to a landfill, you're giving it a new home and extending its life cycle a little longer.  


5. Take Care of Your Clothing

Extend the life cycle of your clothing so you don't need to shop as often. Buy quality products and then take care of those products. Read the care labels and wash your clothing following those instructions. Instead of just tossing an item in the trash, try to fix it. If it can't be fixed, can the fabric be recycled? Look for a place that takes unwanted clothing and recycles it. Avoid donating a lot of clothing to charitable clothing companies. Charities receive so much clothing and only 10-20% of it is actually resold to the community. You're better off reselling it yourself on a site like Poshmark, send it to a company like Thredup to sell for you, or give to a textile recycler. 


Why should we care about any of this? 

We've only got one Earth. It's time to start taking care of it. We are in a textile waste crisis and the fashion industry along with consumer overconsumption is a huge part of the problem. 32 billion garments are produced each year just for the US market! 64% of those garments end up in a landfill! So just returning one clothing item back into the circular economy reduces its carbon footprint by 82%. Educate yourself, really think about your purchases, make quality purchases, take care of those clothes, and shop secondhand if you can. If you are really done with a piece of clothing try to resell it or send it to a textile recycler. We can do better. We can change things.