Create Your New Year Vision Board

What is a vision board?

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. What worked, what didn't. It's the time to set new goals for the upcoming year. We can let life keep happening to us and just go through the motions everyday or we can decide what we want in life and visualize the life we want to have. Then we can set goals to make that life actually happen. We need to decide how we would like our life to look and feel. We need to set our goals for our life and create a vision for what we want to achieve. 

That's where a vision board comes in. It's helpful to have something physically in front of you to remind you everyday of what's important and what your goals are for your life. Looking at a vision board will be a daily reminder keeping you focused on what's most important to you. Keep your vision board in a place in your home where you will see it throughout the day and it will be a constant reminder for you.

A vision board is a board full of images and words that will inspire you, motivate you, and keep you focused on where you want to go in life. 


The rule of the vision board?

1. It does not have to be perfect  or look a certain way.

2. These are your dreams and your vision, no one else's. Dream as big as you want. 

3. It should focus on how you want to feel, not just things you want. 


Let's get started!

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Step 1: Envision Your Dream Life

Envision your dream life. What would your dream life look like? Use some or all of the prompts below to envision your dream life. Get out your journal or a notebook and dream as big as you want! 

In my dream life, the skills I'm building are:

In my dream life, I'm learning about:

In my dream life, the social causes I devote my time to are:

In my dream life, I am traveling to:

In my dream life, the habits I'm developing are:

In my dream life, I feel: 


Step 2: Decide on Your Goals

What are the most important areas of your life? Choose from these categories or create your own. Write down and set your goals for all the most important areas of your life. These goals can be short term, long term, big or small!

Health & Fitness


Personal Finance


Spiritual & Faith

Personal & Social


Step 3: Make New Habits

Get some clarity on the changes you want in your life. What habits can you build to make your life better? What habits would you like to change to make your life better? If you need some ideas in this area try reading Atomic Habits by James Clear or Badass Habits by Jen Sincero. Complete the lines below.

I want to do more:

I want to do less:


Step 4: Create Your Board 

Now it's time to gather your materials and start creating your board! You can also go to and search for vision board templates to create a board online. Some items you may need for a physical vision board are:

  • A cork board or posterboard
  • Cut out Images, words and quotes 
  • Scissors
  • Push pins, tape, and/or glue 
  • Markers 

Find images and quotes that represent your dream life, your goals and new habits and then arrange these on your board. Add anything else to your board such as affirmations, routines, your word of the year or anything else that will help you create your dream life. Place this board in a place where you will see it everyday and be reminded daily of your vision.  


Click here to download our Free Vision Board Planner