Create Your Closet Foundation

Do you want a closet full of clothes that you look and feel great in? Do you want to love every single piece and know that it works well with everything else?  Do you want a closet that makes sense for your current lifestyle so that you can get dressed quickly, but still stylishly. The first step to this is to create your closet foundation. (We also recommend decluttering your closet before you start to build your foundation. Find tips on that here:

Your foundation pieces should be your basic closet essentials. We'll start with these basic pieces for your foundation and then you'll be able to build upon that by adding in your own personal touch and style. 

What are basic closet essentials? Basic closet essentials are the core foundation of your closet and will be pieces mostly in solid colors that don't go out of style. The best place to start is with a great pair of denim and a basic tee. Wear it casually with sneakers and a cardigan or dress it up with a blazer and heels.  

You'll find below the 16 pieces we recommend starting with to create your closet foundation. 

Note: We did use black as the base color since it is the most popular, but you could switch it out and use navy or brown. Decide what would work best for you and use the color you prefer for a base. 

1. White Basic Tee 

2. Chambray shirt

3. Neutral Pullover Sweater  

4. Denim Jacket

5. Leather Jacket

6. Neutral cardigan 

7. Striped top

8. Black Dress 

9. Neutral Coat 

10. White sneakers

11. Black everyday flats 

12. Pair of blue denim jeans  

13. Pair of black denim jeans 

14. Pair of black ankle pants  

15. Black ankle boots 

16. Black heels 


Do you have to have everything listed above? No. These are just suggestions to get you started.

Do you have to completely start from scratch and throw out your whole closet? No. Work with what you have and notice where you have gaps in your wardrobe. Are you missing a versatile jacket in your closet or do you need a quality basic tee? Start there.  

Swap out something you know you don't like. Not a fan of chambray shirts? Switch it out for a white button down. Is the leather jacket too edgy for you? Try a black blazer instead. Maybe you prefer skirts and not dresses. Swap out the black dress for a black pencil skirt. The main thing here is to go with quality versatile pieces that are neutral and can be mixed and matched. 

Keep in mind your lifestyle and what you need in your everyday outfits. Hope this helps you get started on creating a closet you love!