5 Ways to Make Working from Home A Little Easier

Are you working from home? So many friends and family are now working from home and that can be challenging especially with kids at home too. If you're finding yourself needing to setup a work from home space here's some tips & tricks that have helped me as a work from home mom.

1. Get up early and get dressed.

Waking up early and getting dressed is how I get things done. I used to be a night owl and really struggled getting up early. I would stay up way too late and then  would repeatedly hit my snooze button in the morning which left me always starting my day off stressed and running late. Then having a baby became my alarm clock and made it even more difficult to get things done. I soon realized I needed a way to find more time and get more done. Waking up early is my way of giving myself a few extra hours in the day. They say that the most productive and successful people start their day by getting up early. I can say I'm much more productive, less stressed, more focused and just happier on the days that I get up early and get dressed. There's fewer distractions, I can get a head start on my day and I can focus on what needs to be done before my daughter wakes up. It's the best way to start your workday at home.


2. Turn off notifications.

Working from home can be hard with notifications going off on your phone making it difficult to stay focused on what needs to be done. It's easier to work from home when you set boundaries with friends & family and set your phone to "do not disturb". I have turned off all my notifications and I'm no longer distracted by noises coming from my phone. I don't see a notification, a message, a text, or a phone call unless I open up my phone. My phone is not a priority when I'm working and I do my best to not check my phone while working. Limit your phone time to make sure you’re remaining productive.


 3. Create your morning routine and schedule.

Structure can go out the window as soon as your home becomes your workspace. It's so important to have a routine in place to keep yourself focused on what needs to be done. I start off almost every morning by grabbing my cup of coffee, a book, and my journal. A little quiet time with some reading and journaling helps put me into a positive mindset and get focused on the day ahead. You can include whatever you want in your morning routine to get ready for a workday at home. It could be meditation, exercise, reading, scribing or affirmations. Just take a few minutes to clear your mind and get focused on your work. Having a routine can help keep you productive and having a schedule too will help you block out time to work on certain projects, to take breaks, and to just stop and play with your kids for a few minutes.


4. Take a break and go for a walk.

The worst feeling ever is when I realize I've been sitting on my couch scheduling social media posts and writing emails for way too long. It's good to get up and stretch and just take a little break. I like to walk outside to grab the mail, change over a load of laundry, or just head on over to the kitchen for a coffee refill. Moving your body and visually changing your setting is so important to boost your creativity and keep your energy up when you work from home.


5. Give yourself a little grace.

Go easy on yourself. There are days where I'm up early and have half my to do list checked off before my daughter is out of bed and there are days where I sleep in, she wakes me up and I spend the whole day running behind. There are days where she occupies herself with dressup and playdoh while I work and there are days where she spends the whole time tugging on my arm and turning off my laptop while I'm trying to work. Working from home comes with some challenges especially with little ones around so give yourself some grace and just do the best you can.