5 Ways to Be Ethical This Valentine's Day

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? I think for most we don't give it too much thought. Valentine’s Day gifts are a last minute kind of thing. We might plan to go out for dinner. Maybe we grab some chocolate and a card the day before or that morning.

What if we do give it some thought though and plan ahead a little for this holiday. Then we can feel better about our gifts and maybe even do a little good for the world too.

Here are some ways to rethink the traditional gifts in an ethical way that are still great gifts, actually better gifts  for loved ones and also for the ones that make them!


1. Cards

Ten Thousand Villages, Sharing Love Card

If you give cards on Valentine's Day and you’re a little artistic, why not make your own cards. If you’re not, then shop small to support small businesses or buy a fair trade greeting card. Ten Thousand Villages has some great ones! Or you can always just skip the card! If you're like me, I think cards are clutter and I'd rather not get them.



2. Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt + Dark Chocolate

So if you're going to give me anything for Valentine's Day I'll take the chocolate. This is a must for almost everyone on Valentine’s Day. Instead of those mass-produced, heart-shaped cliche boxes of chocolate, give a Fair Trade bar of chocolate. Not only is it made with better ingredients, it's made by people who are treated fairly, and it will come in prettier packaging too. Here's a list of 10 Fair Trade Chocolate Companies that can be found at stores like Whole Foods and Kroger.



3. Flowers

1-800 Flowers, Floral Treasures Bouquet

We don't usually think of flowers in this way, but, just like chocolate and coffee, flower production is often the site of worker exploitation and unsustainable farming practices. Skip the cliche red roses and visit 1-800 Flowers and check out their Planet Friendly Smile Collection of fair trade flowers. Their fair trade flowers are proudly grown on farms that follow socially responsible practices. These environmentally friendly flowers bring beauty to any space while helping to better our world. I'm loving the cactus dish garden and succulent garden!



4. Dinner

Share the Meal App

Are you planning and cooking a special dinner for Valentine's Day? Or do you have plans to eat out? Choose to dine at a locally owned restaurant and support the small businesses in your area  then share the goodness of your meal with those less fortunate using the ShareTheMeal app. ShareTheMeal is a charity app from the United Nations World Food Programme that allows you to feed a hungry child with a tap on your phone. It only cost 50 cents to feed a child for a day. Let's make a difference and help put an end to world hunger.

Shop our Valentine's Day tops now til Valentine's Day 2.14.20 and we'll donate $5 to Share the Meal for every top purchased. $5 will provide 10 meals to families in need.



5. Jewelry

Starfish Project, Jo Anna Earrings

Check out our collection of Fair Trade Jewelry here at Fade Market. Shop socially conscious jewelry brands that gives displaced and exploited women an opportunity to combat poverty by creating fashionable jewelry.



What will you do to be ethical this Valentine's Day?