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5 Things To Do on Sunday

My Sunday Routine

How I spend my Sunday sets the  tone for the rest of my week. I use my Sunday to plan and organize the upcoming week so I can try to set myself up for a more productive and intentional week. Now sometimes our Sundays are busy and I have to be flexible and move this routine to Monday which works for our family. With the way my husband's work schedule is setup our week doesn't really start til Tuesday anyways. Either day works fine. When I don't start off my week this way though I always feel like I'm behind and playing catchup all week and never accomplish what I need to in a week. So here's my 5 things that I try to include in my Sunday (or sometimes Monday) routine.


Here are the 5 things that I try to do every Sunday:


1. Groceries & Meal Planning-  I'm not a fan of cooking so I keep this as simple as possible. Planning out our meals is a must in my house because if I don't know ahead of time what I'm making for dinner then we end up doing fast food, takeout, and delivery which we know is not the healthiest or most budget friendly way to do meals. So I like to pour a cup of coffee and sit at my kitchen island on Sunday morning and map out 2 weeks worth of meals. I have a list of 30 some meals that we rotate. Let me be honest, some of those are just grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, or fish sticks nights. I'm all about quick and easy dinners. Then I order my groceries online  so I can pick them up on Monday afternoon while Waverly stays home with Ryan. Monday mornings are my favorite. By myself I run some errands, take a nice stroll through Target, grab a coffee and then pickup my groceries before heading home. Grocery pickup is such a time saver and a must for moms! And meal planning just takes one thing off my mind. It's nice to just look at the calendar and know what we're having for dinner.


2. Cleaning & Laundry- I typically do a load of laundry each morning as part of my morning routine, so I'm not usually behind on laundry, but if I am I use Sunday for catching up. It's also a good day to wash sheets and towels. We do a pickup of the house every night after dinner, but I also like to run through the house and do a more thorough cleaning on Sundays while Waverly naps in the afternoon. This is the dusting, sweeping, mopping... It always feels good to start off the week with a clean slate. It's like a reset before the week starts.


3. Planning & Scheduling- I could not survive without planners, dry erase boards and my calendars. Sunday evening I pull out all my personal and business calendars, post its, and to do lists and take a look at everything that's happening that week both in my personal life and in my boutique. I have a calendar with a block for each hour of the day saved on my computer where I plug in everything I need to accomplish hour by hour. And of course there's never enough hours in the day and not everything gets done, but I try! I always feel a little more productive if I have some sort of game plan for the week even if I can't get everything done.


4. Self Care Night- And the best for last.  I just recently discovered the importance of self-care and I’m wondering why I went so long without intentionally devoting time to myself. It’s so true that to be the best moms and best versions of ourselves each day we need to take care of ourselves first. After Waverly is sound alseep in bed,  I start my self care Sunday night. A bath bomb or bubble bath is a must. Then I light a soy candle and sometimes even pour a glass of wine. I either listen to a podcast or grab a book to read.


5. TV Time- I don't watch much TV during the week (well, if we're not counting Dora the Explorer) but after a bath I try to spend at least an hour or two each Sunday catching up on a few episodes of whatever show I'm currently watching.  I pull out my nail polish bin, paint my nails and just relax on the couch.


So that's how I start out most weeks! It really makes a difference in how my week goes if I do these 5 things. What's part of your Sunday routine? How do you like to start the week?


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