5 Reasons to Start a Gratitude Journal

Do you have a daily gratitude journal? If not, do you find yourself saying things like "Nothing ever goes right.", "Why do these things always happen to me?", or "I have the worst luck."  This is not a place you want to stay. All that negativity is benefiting no one. A great way to stop all that negative talk is to start a gratitude journal. Start writing down things you are grateful for and you'll realize things really aren't so bad and you have so much to be grateful for in your life. Here's some reasons to start a gratitude journal. 

1. You'll focus on what you have, not on what you don't have.

Just start a big list of everything you're grateful for. Everything from food and clean water to your family and friends. Being aware of all these good things  in your life will help you to focus on what you have and not on what you don't have. You'll be able to slow down, be more present in the moment and appreciate the things you have when you do a gratitude list. 


2. You'll be able to find a way to be grateful for something that you didn't think you could be grateful for.  

As you continue to write in your gratitude journal, you'll keep finding more things that you are grateful for and as you dig deeper you'll find the positive in things you maybe didn't think you could. You might realize some things aren't as bad as you thought in the past.  Gratitude can help you dig deeper and see things in a way that maybe you never saw them before. You'll realize life is happening for you, life isn't happening to you. 


3. You'll be able to clear out the negative energy and make room for the positive.  

When you stop giving time and energy to negativity, you start making room for all the good things and positive energy that could come into your life. Stop focusing on what you don't have and start focusing on what you do have. When you write in your gratitude journal you're making space for all the good!



4. You'll choose the direction of your life. 

Not happy with the direction your life is going? It's your choice to do something about it. Do you want to be positive and grateful or do you want to be negative and ungrateful? Not happy with something in your life? Make the choice to be grateful for what you have and then change directions. We can stay stuck, negative, and ungrateful or we can figure out what's holding us back and make a game plan to change in a positive direction. 


5. You'll see more opportunities.  

When you're more grateful, you're more positive and you'll see more opportunities. You'll realize everything is "figureoutable" and you'll see more options instead of what won't work. Stop focusing on things that don't matter and spend your time and energy on things that do matter.