4 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Denim

Sometimes finding a great pair of denim can be hard. There are so many different styles and fits and women are all different shapes and sizes. It can be frustrating to not find the perfect pair, but when you do it will make getting dressed each day so much more effortless. So we're sharing a few tips to make this a little easier and help you find the perfect denim. 


Tip 1. You don't have to follow the trends.

Trends will come and go and it is fun sometimes to experiment with a trend, but first let's make sure you have a great pair for everyday. Before you buy the trendy denim make sure you have a pair that fit you great and make you feel great. A pair that will always be in style and always work with everything in your closet. 


Tip 2. Be open to trying a new style.

Maybe you have always worn a certain leg opening or a certain wash and your mind is set on that one style you like. Or maybe you think another style won’t ever work even though you have never actually tried it on. Let's say you have always worn skinnies. Try stepping outside your comfort zone and try on a straight leg jean. You might just end up loving the look and you don't know til you try! 


Tip 3. Buy quality denim.

It should be a wardrobe investment. When you finally find that great fit make sure it's quality denim. When you are looking for that pair of everyday denim that becomes a closet essential you want quality. You want denim with great stretch and recovery so you can continue to wear them over and over again. 


Tip 4. Make sure they are comfortable. 

Comfort is key. Can you sit, can you stand, can you bend over? You should never feel uncomfortable in a great pair of denim.