12 At-Home Date Night Ideas

Remember those pre-covid days when you could have an actual date night where you got a babysitter for the kids, you got dressed up and actually went out.

Well, just because we can't go out like we used to doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make our relationship a priority. So put that phone away, get the kids in bed, and get ready for a romantic date night from the comfort of your own home with our 12 at home date night ideas.


1. Game Night

Start a little friendly competition with some classic board games. Grab some snacks and drinks then bring out the Scrabble pieces, stack your Jenga, and count your Monopoly money.


2. Takeout by Candlelight

Get your favorite takeout food or even try a new place! Turn it into date night by setting the table and lighting candles to create a romantic atmosphere.


3. Take a Personality Test & Share Results

So pour a glass of wine, get cozy on the couch, and find out things about your partner you might have never known. Make a list of questions to ask each other, find a list on pinterest or take a test like the enneagram to learn more about each other's personality. It will spark some great conversation!


4. Bake Together

Order takeout for dinner and then bake your dessert. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just a simple batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies will work. Enjoy some dessert together while you watch your favorite TV show and maybe you'll even have some leftovers that the kids can enjoy the next day.


5. Movie Night

We don't need the move theater! Pop the popcorn, put your phones away, and snuggle on the couch for a movie night or make it a movie marathon (if you can stay awake for more than one movie!)


6. At Home Bar

Turn on your favorite TV show, pickup some beer from a local brewery and order all of your favorite appetizers like wings, pretzels with beer cheese, onion rings and whatever else you like!


A few more at home date night ideas....

7. Put a puzzle together.

8. Play video games together.

9. Get 2 copies of the same book. Read and discuss the book together.

10.Make a homemade pizza together.

11. Pop some popcorn & watch funny youtube (or tiktok) videos together.

12. Get a to-go kit from a local ceramics or paint studio.


Which is your favorite at home date night idea? What would you add to the list?


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